GradPhoto (1 of 1).jpgI am an extremely fortunate girl living in the heart of Silicon Valley. This fall, I will be studying Computer Science at Harvard.

I am interested in a ton of things. I love to think and speculate about the world I live in. Some things I love:

  • Programming
  • Reading and writing
  • Poetry
  • Astrophysics / all things related to space
  • Taekwondo
  • Robotics
  • Photography (mostly nature and astrophotography)
  • Politics
  • History
  • Learning
  • Running/jogging
  • Surfing on the internet (I love to read about Myers-Briggs and psychology, astronomy/space exploration, philosophy, etc)
  • Talking to friends about interesting things
  • My homework (sometimes it can interesting, but other times it can be a complete waste of time)
  • Planning out my life
  • Listening to music
  • People-watching and observing the world

I am an INTJ and enneagram 5w6 with tritype 5-3-9. I find personality inventories fascinating (albeit somewhat flawed), and I am interested in how people work.

My life, in semi-chronological order:

  • Graduate high school with good grades, heart, and mind
  • Attend the college/university of my choice and learn as much as possible.
  • Work at SpaceX or similar and contribute to interesting projects
  • Become the CTO of a major company
  • Travel to amazing places
  • Fall in love and marry the right person for the right reasons
  • Work some more, learn some more
  • Have kids and adopt a dog (Australian Shepherd). Run to stay fit.
  • Work some more, get rich
  • Be a philanthropist for education, health, or whatever issue I care deeply about.
  • Retire on a mountain (Mount Hamilton?!) and write (books, poems, stories, etc.)
  • Die in my sleep
  • Freeze my body so that I may someday be resurrected (not really sure about this one… we’ll see!)

Other goals:

  • Be a good person. Have a strong character
  • Spend time with good people and foster healthy relationships
  • Learn more about myself
  • Be happy doing the things I do
  • Serve people, places, and ideas—contribute to society in a meaningful way
  • Become more intelligent (emotionally and intellectually)

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