fast track

she’s on the fast track, they said.
running towards what, she never knew and never dared to look
till her feet ran faster than she could.

she fell, but she saw.


A Distraction

I love feeling busy. I enjoy the feeling of having things to do, places to see, and things to learn. But when I’m not doing something, I feel myself become sadder, more melancholy. I think about the fragility of life, the hard dirt that will bury us, and how we will all someday be forgotten.

And I wonder if being busy is just how we all distract ourselves from the truth that we like to ignore. The truth that our lives mean nothing, that the universe feels nothing, and that our society is spun around a fiction we see as reality.

Maybe life is a distraction from the coldness of the universe.

In Time

In ten days time,
will I feel the pain of this heartbreak,
the ache in my stomach and the pounding in my head?

In ten years time,
will the taste of loss still linger in my veins,
or will this blood simply be silent tears in an ocean?

In a hundred years time,
will the world I loved say farewell,
as it watches a library of wisdom simmer into the ground?

In a thousand years time,
will the children remember only the names of a few,
the chosen ones who proclaimed their worth to the world?

In a million years time,
will our species be for naught,
the only recollection of us written in the heavens above?

When the earth stops turning and the sun stops shining,
will I still feel the pain of this heartbreak,
taste the loss in my veins?